Here We Grow includes a number of tools for growth to move beyond the pages and discover how Math Before Marketing can help your business grow. These exercises include worksheets, calculators, flashcards, podcasts, videos, additional reading materials, and insights into how Marcia Barnes applies servant leadership.  

Worksheet: Flywheel

Performance marketing that can be repeated and scaled up makes transformational growth possible.

Calculator: Investment & Growth
Rate Alignment

Marketing is a methodical, data-driven plan.

Podcast: Getting Permission to
Lead Your Employees

Effective leadership requires buy-in from everyone in a business.

Let’s talk: Marketing

Turn your marketing business unit into a profit center.

Checklist: Getting The
Right Data

Without ROMs visibility, you miss opportunities.

PDF: Math Before
Marketing Flashcards

Learn the math to keep your flywheel moving as efficiently as possible.

Worksheet: Marketing Opportunity
Assessment (MOA)

Increase efficiency and results in the campaigns already achieving the goal.

Artwork: ROMS vs.
Growth Rate

Be disruptive and attain sustainable, transformational growth.

Report: The State of Speed to
Lead in Home Services

A Study on Lead Management and Lead Response.

Worksheet: Ceilings &

None of it matters because you were created perfect.

Video: Client

A culture of love and serving guides every decision

Marcia’s List: The Joy of

What is the heartbeat of your organization?

Worksheet: 10x

Profitability is the responsibility of all the business leaders

Apply: Join our

Every person has something valuable trying to get out of their heart into the world.

PDF: How to Read
a Book

Reading helps us help others

Marcia’s List: Marcia’s Growth

Learn, grow, serve others, create abundance, and thrive