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The Joy of Giving

The final chapter of Here We Grow is the culmination of a journey via servant leadership. Marcia Barnes explores how your individual development ripples across your team and beyond into the wider world. Unlike metric-driven marketing, forging a culture of stewardship for your clients and business partners achieves immeasurable transformational growth. There is no KPI to measure how far your love reaches into the world. Choosing this deliberate path does not simply yield an end result–transformation happens many times along the journey.

During abundance, Marcia Barnes shares how to build a model for giving that enriches those in scarcity. Returning to the flywheel methodology, when all departments are running efficiently, there will be opportunities to invest in giving. 

There are many ways to discover the joys of giving including time, talent, and treasure. She encourages business leaders to explore the “ways to service and give that align with your company’s core values.” 

These values are the blood pumping through the heart of your organization. The more you enrich these values into your daily business the stronger the pulse of your business. 

To learn more about how to put plans into place and experience the joy of giving, explore these resources.

YWAM Homes of Hope
Ronald Blue Trust Financial Stewardship
National Christian Foundation Donor Advised Fund

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