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In examining how culture transforms business, Marcia Barnes applies a servant leadership mindset to transform a whole business. Her team at Valve+Meter experiences 5 core values of think, love, serve, transform, and be just. These values are present in meeting spaces, communal spaces, and consistently cited in daily interactions. With Marcia’s principles rooted within Valve+Meter, transformation growth is possible and, as these videos demonstrate, clients flourish.

Marcia and her team saw that businesses aren’t treated fairly by the way agencies sell marketing. Math Before Marketing shifts the paradigm to a data-driven model that encompasses the first core value of think. Dedicated leaders affirm the values of love and serve. Finally, to transform and be just, a people-focused culture is required. 

When business is built on intentional foundations, these values reach beyond a healthy workplace. Applying a servant mindset allows leaders to build a culture of supportive growth for your team, your clients, and everyone else your business touches. Investing in your employees means facilitating training and development skills; encouraging volunteerism and philanthropy; and celebrating professional and personal milestones of each individual. 

Marcia affirms, “Culture is felt by every team member, customer, vendor, and influencer.” When leaders engage the whole person, growth is attainable both within the building and beyond the business.

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Marcia Barnes founded Valve+Meter Performance Marketing with the vision to 10x the value of 100 businesses. If reading Here We Grow has inspired you to release the flywheel in your business, our team is ready to hear about the results you need in order to drive transformational growth. Request your free marketing analysis today!