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For many businesses, there is a divide between marketing and sales. Marketing is viewed as an expenditure because it is not designed on a measurable and scalable model. Sales is viewed as an asset because it closes sales. In these cases, finance creates a budget for marketing and that bucket is thrown indiscriminately at lead generation. Download the Flywheel Assessment to evaluate the state of your business.

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There is an unlimited budget for marketing that works and empowers sales.

Performance marketing views business as a flywheel with four teams at the cardinals: marketing, sales, operations, and finance. Along the flywheel, each department works together as a systemic organization. Like a flywheel relies on angular momentum, each team releases the potential energy of the next driving growth throughout your business. At rest, a business–like a flywheel–requires outside energy to move forward, but each revolution converts more potential energy into kinetic energy within your business.

The flywheel method begins when marketing generates new qualified leads that empower the talent stored within your sales team. The increased momentum of rising sales unleashes the operations that delight your customers, and in turn, the finance team pays all the bills and keeps money flowing throughout the business. 

By first measuring results, performance marketing works as an asset, reinvesting only in the most effective sources of leads. Every revolution of the flywheel provides greater stability for your business to weather interruptions and increase performance.

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Marcia Barnes founded Valve+Meter Performance Marketing with the vision to 10x the value of 100 businesses. If reading Here We Grow has inspired you to release the flywheel in your business, our team is ready to hear about the results you need in order to drive transformational growth. Request your free marketing analysis today!