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Marketing Opportunity Assessment (MOA)

Once you have the right data, the Math Before Marketing methodology establishes a test factory. This is an environment wherein small, controlled iterations prove ROMS. This marketing opportunity assessment (MOA) affords you the opportunity to examine your business using some of the same tools Marcia and her team employ to plan campaigns.

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The test factory proves out your hypotheses, reveals false results without disrupting the rhythm of the flywheel, and increases efficiency throughout every aspect of your business. The flywheel method releases stored energy throughout your business and the test factory helps to find deficiencies. 

In Here We Grow, Marcia Barnes notes, “Whatever the data shows you, look for areas where you’re not seeing great performance and ask what the reasons might be.”

Acting in the test factory you can cut marketing expenses that are not working and move resources to the campaigns producing results. As the flywheel moves faster the business steadily grows. 

Using this marketing opportunity assessment (MOA) provides insight into your marketing results. Even though the great majority of tests will fail or need to be re-tested, marketing becomes an asset when ROMS data proves out the most efficient campaigns. Discover your own results and establish a test factory for your business.

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Marcia Barnes founded Valve+Meter Performance Marketing with the vision to 10x the value of 100 businesses. If reading Here We Grow has inspired you to release the flywheel in your business, our team is ready to hear about the results you need in order to drive transformational growth. Request your free marketing analysis today!

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