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Ceilings & Curveballs

In the final section of Here We Grow, Marcia Barnes moves beyond math and explores the magic of abundance. Returning to a theme from the introduction, Marica affirms that everyone has something unique to offer the world.

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Beyond Math and Explore

Bullies in childhood, health crises, financial tumult, and other outside forces may deceive you into questioning your worth. By focusing on your strength every obstacle can become an opportunity to grow, learn and serve others.

In this worksheet you can put into practice some of the tactics discussed in this chapter. When you hit a ceiling, hone your strengths, become an expert on the ceiling, and when you break through the ceiling have the wisdom to bring others with you.

Even perfection can be an enemy. You can learn to turn a curveball around but there is bound to be a knuckleballer waiting in the bullpen. In balancing wisdom and faith, Marcia demonstrates, “Be thankful for the experiences you’ve had in the past that will help you get through the situation.” You will stop being a victim when you free yourself from doubt and commit to growth. Being a conqueror requires constantly building tools and habits to confront the unexpected.

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