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Investment & Growth Rate Alignment

This calculator helps set goals and guide marketing decisions. This strategy requires gathering data; formulating hypotheses; evaluating results and aligning marketing tactics to achieve scalable and repeatable momentum into the flywheel.

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In Here We Grow, Marcia Barnes argues that to truly help people accomplish their objectives, leaders must read, study, and seek the wisdom of people. By embracing math–a self confessed weak point in her education–Marcia learned how often businesses and marketing teams focus on creativity and lose sight of the figures attached to every marketing effort. 

Disciplined adherence to math-before-marketing means always acting in the long term best interest of her clients. If the true goal is to help people accomplish their objectives, then marketing must balance creative marketplace disruption with responsible stewardship of budgets.

At Valve+Meter, ThinkFirst describes the process Marcia’s team uses before implementing any marketing tactic on behalf of her clients.



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Marcia Barnes founded Valve+Meter Performance Marketing with the vision to 10x the value of 100 businesses. If reading Here We Grow has inspired you to release the flywheel in your business, our team is ready to hear about the results you need in order to drive transformational growth. Request your free marketing analysis today!