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The marketing formula to 10x your business and transform your future.

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Math Before Marketing

Everything is a hypothesis. There is no single formula for growth in business. In Here We Grow, Marcia Barnes disrupts the conventional view of marketing as a cost center.

As a business leader, adopting a Math Before Marketing mindset will help you gather the right data about your organization to build scalable and repeatable marketing programs. Designing tests, measuring results and unleashing the potential stored within your business will lead to transformational growth.

About Marcia

Now on a mission to help a hundred companies realize 10x more in business valuation, Marcia Barnes, founder and CEO of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing continues to build her career on growing businesses across the United States.

Here We Grow is her story of how the math-before-marketing model grew one company’s annual revenue from $2 million to $440 million. Beyond ROMs and Growth Rate, Marcia recounts the role family, bullies, teachers, business partners and mentors played in shaping her journey of growth.

Marcia’s story of servant leadership will inspire you personally and professionally to embrace the journey. From humble beginnings, through tumult, and eventual abundance, Marcia blends marketing formulas with sound advice and unrelenting optimism.